Over Printing , with Bottle numbers, and the Particular family name
I was recently tasked with creating a label for the wine made from an experimental vineyard in stellenbosch.
The Vineyard is sponsored by The Pinotage association, in conjunction with Stias, and the University of Stellenbosch, with individual vines sponsored by a members of the local comunity.
The label was to exemplify the spirit of innovation associated with Pinotage, whilst retaining a sensativity to the history of the area. 
The Vintage currently under limited release is the 2012.
Layout of the experimental vineyard
Drawings of the iconic pinotage leaf, and the outline of the vineyard with row directions
Icons for Pinotage, multi direction of the vineyard and for professor Perold, who is credited as having first crossed the Hermitage and Pino, Vines.
Final Label
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