Take a look into our latest Sk8 for Gr8 workshop where we paired 5 creatives with 5 kids to ensure one-on-one mentorship. We hosted four workshops, in which the kids explored the processes of design-thinking and how one can use creative thought to solve problems and create positive change. The results were that five beautiful, child-inspired designs were created to show how idea's can become reality. These decks were then auctioned off to feed into the Sk8 for Gr8 innitiative, which we hope to grow even more. Each kid involved also got to take a deck home with them to serve as a reminder of what is possible with a bit of creative thought.
Brad Harris and Ayanda Koert

"It was such a privilege to work with Ayanda. I think Ayanda and I are quite similar in that we both tend to get lost 
in our imaginations, and take so much joy in that. It seems the world needs some imagining, and there's a bit of magic in that.

Our board design is called "Ncuma", which means "smiling" or "to smile" in Xhosa. That is how Ayanda inspired me - to look 
for the joy in life, grab a hold of it, and live by it. His wide, secretive smile breaks only sometimes, but it makes a wildness 
come alive in you.

Always learning with a mind for others, Ayanda says that if he was president for a day he would "make sure all schools 
had art classes". I hope that one day he will be the psychologist he hopes to be, helping those in need with his wildly 
infectious imagination."

 A piece inspired by Ayanda Koert and created by Brad Harris

Kirsty Riely and Tashreeq Dollie

"During one of our first workshop sessions, we had to come up with a character based on 6 words that we used to collectively describe each other. We came up with a sweet illustration of a very kind, long-armed (because of his very giving nature) bear. This bear lived in the forest. We thought he needed to be holding something, Tashreeq said, "scissors!", and with that we 
decided that the bear's 'job' was to cut paths for those people exploring the forest. 

I feel like this little character and description sums up Tashreeq's personality. Just spending a few moments with Tashreeq 
you realise quickly he's a very kind and genuine soul, who loves adventure. His eyes light up when he talks about his own skateboarding and that of his local heroes. Without a doubt, he is a naturally talented little artist, his favourite thing to draw 
being a portrait, which inspired the board design's style." 

A piece inspired by Tashreeq Dollie and created by Kirsty Rielly
Danica Ricciardi and Marlin Lewis

"It was such a privilege working with Marlin. Interestingly enough, I could see a lot of myself in him when we first met. 
We both seem to always be lurking around what everyone else is doing, which motivated me to encourage him to be himself.
With that said, I had my job cut out for me. I had to let go and create freely. I took inspiration from a quote from one of Marlin's main influencers: "Nothing's impossible."

Therefore, the board design illustrates historic events which at the specific moment in time in history seemed impossible. 
Marlin's enthusiasm to learn new creative skills motivated me to try something a little different. It has been a brilliant 
adventure and I would do it all over again. There is no better feeling than the feeling you get when giving and sharing."

A piece inspired by Marlin Lewis and created by Danica Ricciardi
Claudia Liebenberg and Storm Scholtz

"Storm strikes me to be intelligent and kind. His creativity is young, as is his laugh, but what impressed me was his mature eye. We doodled, painted and thought of new ideas. But when it came time to start painting the deck, I felt overwhelmed at all the routes I could go. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure if he’d like it. He is a dude after all, and I had blooms 
in mind. Intense & emotive ones at that. I thought it wise to consult the little man and present a few options (one being the idea 
I was silently hoping for). We explored some typography options, colour pallets, and sneakers as subjects. But he chose the blooms on black. Say what!

The Blooms on Black are a collection I started last year as a product of struggle and the choice of perception. There is so much beauty to see amidst darkness - so much detail to miss in trial. What a shame to not lay hold of these aspects, in people, in places, in ourselves, and in Faith."

A piece inspired by Storm Scholtz and created by Claudia Liebenberg
South and Enrique Chinyoka

"Enrique seems to be at a really impressionable age. Perhaps not always inspired by the best role models, there is a great potential that I see in Enrique. He is also very shy, not always wanting to speak up, but I value that he will discover the power 
of individuality and that loudness is not necessarily strength.

I made this illustration to compliment where he is at - as a view of his potential. A bold colourful mix of people and animals all thrown together in a joyous mess of individuality. I hope that this board will infuse a sense of self-worth, identity and boldness 
into Enrique, and that he will feel special."

A piece inspired by Enrique Chinyoka and created by South
Art Director and Founder of Sk8 for Gr8: Alison Harris
Managing Writer: Brad Harris
Devils Peak Photography
Sandra Birklbauer
Venue Hunter, Woodstock Community Church, Bos Ice Tea, Ocean Rock

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